Village Hall Hiring Terms and Prices

    Hall Address

    Hall Lane, Blundeston, NR32 5BL

    Meeting Charges

    For all parties Children's and Adults

    Please contact the clerk

    Scouts                                                                            £38.50

    Scouts Bingo                                                                  £30.00

    WI                                                                                   £27.50

    Stitch club evening                                                         £27.50

    Stitch club all day                                                           £55.00                            

    Art Classes                                                                     £23.50

    Yoga    Evening                                                              £31.00

    Yoga     Morning                                                                     £16.50

    Baby sensory                                                                          £44.00

    For any type of function not covered by these charges please contact the Clerk, via the details below, for a quotation

    For ALL Bookings contact the Hall Managment Clerk, Mrs Glenis Soanes, during normal working hours only.

    16 Meadowlands, Blundeston, Lowestoft, NR32 5AS

    Tel:  01502 730184


    The Caretaker is Mr Barry Holman "Cornfields" Market lane Blundeston 01502 732923

    Minutes of Meetings

    A meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee was held on Thursday

    February 8th there were present, Mr. Wade, Mrs. Soanes,  Mrs Mayes

    Mrs Goldson  Mrs Shelton Mrs Shilling  and Mrs  Townshend

     Apologies  None

    The minutes from November 27th 2017 were agreed and signed.

    Matters arising from the minutes

    The fence around the bin still needs to be done.

    The plastic has been put on the walls and the blown window repaired.

    The new fence has been completed but without the kissing gate as it would have put the cost up more and the committee felt without the gate it would stop people parking on the road causing an obstruction

    BT have connected WiFi to the hall but we need a designated plug for the routa to stop anyone switching it off.

    Any other business.

    The kitchen and toilets are being decorated during half term week the colour is to be the same as the main body of the hall.

    Mrs Shelton has resigned as caretaker as from the end of February 2018,

    Adverts have been placed in the local paper and it is hoped a new caretaker will start as from March 1st 2018. Mr Wade thanked Mrs Shelton for all she had done.

    The hire charges are being increased by 10% as from March 1st 2018 all hirers have been informed of the new rate.

    It was noted that a lot of the tables are left dirty, the clerk to remind hirers to leave the hall as they would wish to find it. Some of the chairs had got footmarks on them and are in need of attention. It has been requested that the stage curtains are left closed during the cold weather as there is no heat on the stage. As British Gas has declined the hall to have a Smart Meter installed , the clerk and chairman will monitor the heating especially as now they can alter the heating at any time using their mobile phones.

    The gates are difficult to lock in the dark , it was decided that just closing them and putting the bar across would do, sometimes, during the winter months.

    A Tubz tower is to be placed in the hall for a trial period.

    A complaint has been received from hirers who use the hall on a Saturday morning that the hall is not always left in a clean condition, the clerk to contact Scouts about this. WI have requested a new picture to be hung in the hall and also asked if they could use the hall for indoor Kurling, this was agreed.

    Concern was raised about the number of individual key holders there are using the hall this will be discussed with the new caretaker when he/she takes over.


    Having no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

    Mr. Wade thanked all who attended.

    The next meeting is to be Monday  March 26th  2018 starting at 19.30


    Future meetings March 26th May 29th July 30th September 24th and November 26th 2018.