Welcome to Blundeston in Bloom




     Dates of meetings of  BLUNDESTON IN BLOOM for 2018

    January 8th Village  Hall

    February 12th Village Hall

    March 5th  Hall (12th quiz night)

    April 9th meet at Plough

    May 14th  Hall

    June 11th  Hall

    July 2nd  Hall

    August 13th  Hall

    September 3rd  Hall

    October 1st  Hall

    November 12th  Hall

    December 3rd meet at pub


    Christmas Fayre Sat 8th

    Blundeston in Bloom


    March 12th 2018

    Cheese and wine evening

    Cost £10.00 per table 

    Open Gardens 30 June & 1st July


    Minutes of The Committee
    Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on monday February 12th in the Village hall


     Those present were: Alison Shelton
    (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Chris Ward (Treasurer), Graham Wade,  Ken Ward, 
    Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, , Denis Tuck, David Mann,  Margaret Nicholson, Mike Nicholson, Jenifer
    Sherwood, Elaine McLoughlin


     Approval of Minutes:   read and approved by Graham Wade

    Treasurer's Report::  no change in the bank details since the last
    meeting (£3599.65 in the account and £115.14 petty cash)

     Apologies: No apologies received


    Christmas fayre 2018:  looking ahead to the next Fayre, it was agreed that the owls should be booked again and possibly
    housed in a shelter/pergola outside. ST to book. There being no better alternative games, it was agreed that we make another game (poss Double Decker with 2 sets of cards and the matchbox lucky dip).

    Green  Space:

    thank you to Angela, Elaine and Margaret who turned up to assist Paul Button with clearing the debris from the last work
    party....much appreciated!
    The hedge in this area is to be replanted but this is a parish council matter and not BiB.
    If the scouts are not available to create a bug  hotel in this area then BiB should be able to make one. AT has already put
    aside some wood for this purpose
    Ken will order 20 sleepers to create the raised bed and will contact Freddie Cann (01603 722928/ 07860 416799) in the first
    Any ideas for sourcing topsoil to fill the  planters will be appreciated (Gumtree/ local ads etc)
    a villager (Sally Ann) has offered to contribute to some form of seating in this area....might be an idea to extend this to
    other villagers?

    Plant Order:  this has been completed

    Angela, Elaine, David and Shirley will meet to begin organising the  portfolio for this year's AiB entry on 20th February (at AT's
    house). GW and AT recommended that we include photos of the playpark improvements, work parties and improvements to date. (Please keep any evidence you may have for this). Local groups need to be approached for any contributions.

    The AiB form will be completed and submitted. (£50 for a village entry)

    Open  Gardens (30.6 & 1.7):                 
    theme of royalty has been chosen to fit with several royal connections happening this year...ideas for decoration will
    include crowns, cakes, carriages, soldiers, sentries etc. Volunteers needed, please, to assist with drawings, cutting out. Mike Nicholson will repair the duckhouse....Denis has suggested it be renamed Duckingham Palace to fit the theme!
    Maggie will ask Sue Head if the Art Club would like to be involved             
    Jo Fox on Lakeside has offered to make  bunting.....yes please Jo!

      (Monday March 12th)                
    Ken has completed the questions                
    Chris will collect entry money on the night                
    Shirley will print a form for each table to  collect wine orders                
    please bring a suitable plate to the next meeting to see if we need bother buying any in (large enough for cheese,
    celery, grapes, biscuits etc. Alternatively, we will buy in some plates               
    Graham will price and buy in boxes of Pinot Grigio , Shiraz and Schloer. Volunteers please to buy the cheese, biscuits etc....?              
    Margaret will submit information to the Hexagon                
    Elaine and Margaret will sell raffle tickets.  Please bring a contribution towards this               
    Alison will buy in team prizes


    Looking ahead to the Open Gardens weekend, the advertising  boards need to be strengthened and the lettering of “Blundeston in Bloom” needs to be enhanced to make it clearer. ST will approach Keith Blowers to see if he is willing to sponsor new signage.
    Maggie suggested we plant some snowdrops on the verge on Short Road abutting Millennium Green. Angie and Maggie have some to plant but  the timing has to be at the right stage of growth for it to be successful.
    Angie is waiting on the school to respond as to their  involvement in the village.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.05.

    The next meeting will be on March 5th at the hall.


     Just a general invite for anyone who would like to come along to meetings....alternatively people might just want to volunteer without actually attending meetings (please contact Shirley on 732071 or 07900 837579)