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    Blundeston would like to join the nation in celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth ΙΙ

    by holding a


    Good old-fashioned family fun with traditional games and races (tug-of-war, egg and spoon etc). Villagers are invited to bring a picnic (rug or chairs!) and join in all the fun.

    Further details and a programme of events will be posted in due course OR

    contact the new BiB chairperson, Ali Shelton, on 730985 or 07711 635254



    to all our wonderful villagers who make such a huge effort in contributing towards the look of the village.

    This year we have won the SILVER GILT medal for a large village (301-2,500 residents) in the Anglia in Bloom competition .

    Blundeston Open Gardens Weekend 2015

    Blundeston in Bloom held its Open Gardens Weekend over the 20th and 21st June and this year was a resounding success. Gardens were open from 10am -4pm and the crowds flocked in right from the start. Over the course of the two days over 400 visitors arrived and saw 15 gardens in total, taking them from the main body of the village and out to Lakeside and Flixton.
    This year, the committee of “willing volunteers” had worked hard to add a bit of fun with an Alice in Wonderland theme commemorating the
    150th anniversary of the publication of the book. Visitors were treated to Cheshire cats, clocks and “Drink Me” bottles scattered along the route. Residents and clubs had also made scarecrows which were on show at the hall. In addition to the horticultural delights, there were teas and refreshments available along the route, a book sale and a tombola. Plants and bird tables were on sale at the village hall.
    Funds raised from the weekend will be used to buy new plants and effects for the planting programme in 2016.



    Blundeston got another Silver Gilt Award and was also voted
    the best ‘Large Village’.
    We also got an Environmental Quality Award. 
    Copies of both Certificates have been placed around the village.
    The Ceremony was attended by 4 of the BIB members last Tuesday

    in the Ocean Rooms in Gorleston.

    Minutes of The
    Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on May 11th 2016

    Those present were: Alison Shelton (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Chris & Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Denis Tuck, Neil Case and David Mann

    Approval of Minutes: read and signed as a true record.

    Treasurer's Report:: Treasurer reported a balance of £2,608.65 with £33.45 cash in hand.

    Angie C and Shirley drew up a list of expenditure for the picnic and applied for a locality grant and, as a result, £300 has been received from the locality budget towards the cost of the Picnic in the Park. Julie will write and thank Councillor Bert Poole for actioning this. £150
    was made at the BiB quiz night. Another bird table has been sold.

    Received from Jennie Sellen.

    Ali read out a letter sent to Shirley which detailed Barbara's reasons for stepping down from BiB. A card will be sent to Barbara thanking her for her involvement on the committee.

    Picnic in the Park Arrangements: An extra meeting on Monday June 6th will be held to finalise details.
    Additionally, the committee will meet at the hall on June 11th at 4pm to make some preparations (put up bunting and paint race track lines) and then the following morning at 9-9.30. Denis will cut the grass on the track area in advance. All hands on deck if you are available, please.
    Ali to see Graham re Bowl the Pig game

    Ali to source plastic bats for Splat the Rat list of races has been reviewed and cut down. Angie T will draw up running list on
    large poster to be visible to competitors

    Ali will buy voucher for Best Picnic area and Maggie will provide 12 hard boiled eggs and spoons (these were to have been organised by Barbara initially) need someone to buy a tin of Quality Street as a tug of War prize....any volunteers?

    Chris Ward will pursue Somerleyton Strummers contact to see if available for beginning or end of picnic

    Ali will see Simon Lewis to check when tug of war rope will be delivered to Graham's

    David Mann will collect 6 empty cans to use as a target for smaller children at coconut shy

    Julie and Ken will provide gazebos on the day

    Ali to buy sponges for stocks if you have a spare bucket for charity collection, please bring along on the day

    Doris has declined the offer of lighting the beacon. A vote was taken and Graham was chosen to undertake the honour with John Blowers being asked if GW declines or is unavailable. Beacon should be lit at 3pm
    RHS Hampton Court:

    Shirley has secured 4 tickets on an Eastons Coach to travel to the Hampton Court show on July 7th at a cost of £30 each.

    Future Planting:
    A vote was carried to trial a different approach to planting in 2017. Individuals can take responsibility for their own planter and areaand decide what plants they would like to use. These can be sourced independently and could prove to be a cheaper option. Anyone who is
    not keen on this idea can receive assistance from a member with good plant knowledge. A vote will be taken to judge the success of this
    scheme at the end of the year. Topsoil and compost will be bought separately and ordered by the committee. Cherry Lane have agreed to
    offer discount for BiB.

    This year's pansies can now be removed and disposed of. It was suggested that anyone wishing to plant bulbs in their planter for next Spring could do so by burying the bulbs within pots in the planters. Choices are up to the individuals.

    New Planters:
    Denis agreed to make 3 planters to replace the tyres by the village hall. The tyres will be removed at a date to be agreed when summer planting is ready to commence. Denis will make one planter initially to see what people think. Julie suggested buying one or more planters as well as some villagers have asked where the money is being spent which has been raised to date.

    Shirley will follow up whether we are still having the hanging planter from the prison.

    Hopton Pharmacy still wish to go ahead with sponsoring a planter but nothing has been forthcoming at this point.

    Christmas Fayre: December 10th has been booked provisionally for the Fayre. A vote will be taken later on to decide whether we wish to proceed with this event this year.

    Decades Artwork:
    Artwork is in progress. The number of displays has been reduced to 6 Art Club: The Coronation, Scouts: World Cup '66, Preschool: Mickey Mouse, School:  Moon Landing, BiB: Beatles and BBC).

    Any Other Business:

    Ken reported the Scouts wish to take responsibility for the 2 planters outside the hall, possibly planting in colours to commemorate
    anniversaries of the movement.
    It was suggested fliers be posted on Lakeside Rise to ask for volunteers to look after the 2 planters there the church have offered their notice board. David will meet Ken on Saturday14th to transport this

    Maggie has offered to plant some wild primroses behind the old fish and chip shop thank you to Andrew for finishing the painting of the sunrise gate. Ali will begin painting the planter to be put in position there

    Ali welcomed Angela Cooper in as project manager for BiB ongoing plans. Angie said she is happy to take on this role until the re-election of officers in September.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.55pm.

    Next meeting is Monday 13th June but all welcome on Monday 6th, Sat 11th and Sun12th June for the picnic and the preparations


    Minutes of The
    Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on April 11th 2016

    Those present were: Alison Shelton (Chairperson), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Denis Tuck, Pam & Neil Case, Barbara Shaw and David Mann
    Approval of Minutes: Read and signed as a true record of previous meeting
    Report:: JH reported a balance of £2174.56 with £38.72 in cash.
    Apologies: John Nichols, Graham Wade, Chris Ward, Jennie Sellen
    Purchase of commemorative medals/coins:
    This was discussed at length but decide that the cost might be too prohibitive andshould, perhaps, be the responsibility of the school or the parish council. It was agreed to scrap the idea. Thanks to Julie for investigating it nonetheless.

    Picnic organisation so far: stocks, hammer, bouncy castle and ice cream van have been organised already
     AS to contact GW re painting the “Bowl A Pig”. Ken volunteered to paint it if necessary. Shirley to arrange bowls needed for this
    concerns as to where the tug of war rope has gone. Ken will speak to Simon Lewis to see if he knows the whereaboutsstraw bales will be
    delivered on picnic day. Spinney Farm will lend them but damaged ones must be paid for

    Andrew detailed coconut shy progress and ideas were put forward to develop this for the day. 36 wooden balls have been bought

    Splat the Rat:
    Steve Williams has agreed to provide a pipe attached to a plank. Ken will make the rats out of socks filled with sand...Julie to supply
    socks (or anyone with spare socks!!) and Angie T will ask the school if we can borrow 4 rounders bats for the day
    Barbara will get the boiled eggs and spoons for the race. She will also get a voucher for the best picnic site
     apple bobbing will not go ahead after concerns over the health and safety aspect
    Ken will provide a gazebo for general enquiries and race entries and Denis will man this on the day

    Shirley will be the race starter but volunteers are needed to hold the finishing tape (poss the scouts?)

    Julie has sourced a line painting machine and Ken has some emulsion for this (will wash out very quickly) we still need a PA system if anyone has any contacts
    Ken will contact Doris to see whether she would be happy to light the beacon (takes place at 3pm) but she has moved to Corton now. Suggested John Blowers will be asked if she declines Angie C contacted Ballards' Banjos but he is unable to attend  ST will contact
    some first aiders to be present on the day it was agreed not to use the village hall on the day … thank you to the WI but they
    need not “man” the hall now. It was suggested that people might be able to use facilities at the Plough and most people would bring
    sufficient picnic without needing teas and coffees

    advertising fliers have been printed and distributed to prominent places. AS has bought the prizes and will also buy in “nibbles”for the evening. Please bring a raffle donation if you are attending. Maggie and Susan have been asked to do the refreshments on the evening. Ian Hetherington may be asked to ask the questions on another occasion if Ken wishes to participate for a change.

    Committee meal : it was agreed that members of the committee might like to have a meal out together Date and venue to be arranged but probably after open gardens.

    Decades Art Work around the village:
    Wood has been made available for painting the various depictions of the decades of the Queen's reign. AT and JH will paint the outlines of the pictures. Preschool wish to take responsibility for doing Mickey Mouse and the art class for the Coronation.

    Any volunteers please for painting
    The yellow gate has a new site (!!) but needs a post to secure one end. Andrew to organise this and request volunteers.

    DT and AC to paint new planters to be sited by haywain.

    A work party will mend the Lound Road planters. Please meet at Graham's on Thursday April 21st at 10am (DT, KW, AJ & AS ….plus anyone else who is available). JH to use sleeperto shore up the broken planter at Flixton Rd telephone box.
    Watering responsibilities for this season’s watering:

    John Nichols  Barkis Meadow
    Ken & Chris Ward Village Hall
    David Mann & Ali Shelton End of The Street and Lound Road (eastern end)
    Maggie Boyce  The Pippins
    Denis & Angie C Haywain & village sign
    Denis and Shirley  Village noticboard/postbox
    Graham  Lound Road (western end)
    Andrew J “ “
    Teresa Orchard Lane
    Paige  The Plough
    Pauline Reid (PROFFS) Orchard Close
    £300 has been donated towards BiB out of the locality budget. This will go towards planting funds or the picnic.
    Expenditure to date is approx £65 for the picnic.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.10pm. Next meeting on May 9th at 7.30pm


    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on 7th February 2016

    Those present were: Alison Shelton (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Graham Wade, Chris and Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Geraldine Bailey, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, AndrewJenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck, John Nichols, Cooper, Pam and Neil Case, Barbara Shaw and David Mann

    Apologies were received from Keith Blowers

    Approval of
    Minutes: Minutes of meeting held on Feb 8th were read and signed as a true record.

    Treasurer's Report:: John Nichols reported all accounts in order following an annual audit. He requested a formal receipt book and asked that members need only submit a small hand written receipt for reimbursement.
    JH reported a healthy balance of £2570.99. Thanks were given to John and Julie for their work in keeping the accounts.

    Millennium Green work party (Feb):

    Work has been carried out on the Green as far as the weather permits at present. Graham reported that the wildflower meadow should have been turned over earlier....this may happen in the near future. Dockweed needs removing and Ali & Graham will have a look at this on 14th Feb.
    No date has been set for reviewing the meadow again for the time being...further work will take place in the Springtime. Verges opposite the hall and branches along the fence will need tidying.

    Portfolio: it was agreed NOT to enter the Anglia in Bloom competition this year due to ongoing work around the village which might impede planting and decoration (poss work by the pond on Market Lane and outside the hall). As a result, there will be no portfolio produced.

    Teddy bears & Open Gardens: owing to a clash of dates, these events will both take place on the weekend of 9-10th July. This may even attract more visitors for both events.

    Picnic in the Park: a budget of approx £300 was set to cover cost of staging the picnic. A prize will be awarded to the “prettiest picnic area” set up by a group/family.

    Julie will arrange with Victor to organise delivery of straw bales on the Green
    Barbara will speak to Liz Lewis about price of a bouncy castle other sideshows may include stocks, coconut shy etc. David Mann will enquire about getting a set of stocks
    Brian will organise the lighting of the beacon at 3pm. It is proposed to ask Doris Comerford to have the “honour” of lighting the beacon
    Shirley will contact Clown Around for prices of sideshows etc
    Julie will check with Sarah at parish council on details of insurance

    Advertising: fliers will be sent out to advertise the event, one to go out asap and another nearer the event

    Decorating the village planters:
    the “Decades”
    theme will still be used around the village despite not being entered in the AiB competition
    Angela T and Julie volunteered to draw the pictures, Julie to cut them and Ken to paint. All welcome to volunteer to create/present these!!
    Ken and Denis have removed the black gate and the Sunrise gate will be moved into position on Monday 14th.
    Please meet at Graham's to assist with this at 10am Monday wood for planters will arrive at Graham's next Wednesday (16th) ready for making the new planters to be sited at the haywain and on Lound Road

    Paul Button will remove the tyres near the village sign..... these are to be used on the play park. PCC will arrange how these are to be used the boat will stay by the pond and a new tiered planter will be made near the village sign

    Graham has agreed to have a hanging planter from the prison site to be sited somewhere in the village, possibly at the pond near the sunrise gate


    Shirley will try and “grab” the ice cream man to see whether he is available for the picnic in the park.

    Date for the quiz will be Monday April 25th.

    David suggested a list of forthcoming dates should be included on the fliers

    Ken has volunteered to paint the tyres near the hall; Denis to stain existing planters

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.40.

    The next meeting will be on Monday 11th April at 7.30pm in the hall



    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on 4th January 2015

    Those present were: Graham Wade, Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Alison Shelton, Chris & Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck, Pam & Neil Case and Barbara Shaw

    Approval of Minutes: These were duly read and signed as a true record of the previous meeting.

    Treasurer's Report:: A healthy balance of £2,723.55 with £48.72 to come was reported. Funds were boosted by the successful Christmas Fayre.

    of Chairman: Following the resignation of Graham Wade as Chairman, Alison Shelton was duly elected as the new chairman, being nominated by Barbara Shaw and seconded by Julie Hetherington. A vote of thanks was given to Graham for helping to establish the group and for all the hard work he has put in since its inception. He will remain as a valued member of theteam.

    It was agreed to resume re-election of officers at the October AGM.

    Christmas Fayre: This was a huge success again this year and thanks to all who contributed in any way. Thank you cards will be sent to volunteers who assisted but are not regular members of the team. It was agreed that extra help must be offered in the kitchen next year as this was the busiest area. Special thanks to Doris and Maggie for their valiant efforts!
    In future, stall holders will be asked to pay a £10 deposit before the Fayre to secure their stall. The church will not be asked as they are a vital part of the community anyway.

    Millennium Green clear up:  The next work party will meet at 10am on Wednesday January 13th to begin work on tidying up the Millennium Green and cutting back overhanging branches. All welcome! Julie has borrowed a shredder to deal with the wood which is cut back. Please bring appropriate tools for the jobs which need to be done.

    RHS Survey Winners:
    Following the success of completing the RHS survey, 8 names were put into a hat to select 4 winners to attend the Garden Show at Hampton Court. Jennie, Chris, Shirley and Pam were the lucky winners. Shirley will apply for the tickets for Thursday 7th July.

    Celebrations for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations:
    The general opinion was to hold a FAMILY PICNIC on the Millennium Green on Saturday 18th June with a reserve date of Sunday 19th in the event of inclement weather. It was agreed to keep it to a fairly simple affair with families bringing their own food and drink, picnic tables etc. Traditional games will be organised (e.g. tug of war, rounders). The village hall will be open for tea and coffees and for the use of the
    toilets. Some members of the WI have kindly agreed to “man” the hall on this day.
    This will be discussed at greater length at the next meeting.

    (Teddy bear parachute jumps will be held the previous weekend and the picnic will be advertised at this event).

    Open Gardens: Dates for this weekend will be 2nd and 3rd of July. The theme for the village will be “Significant Events
    During The Reign of Queen Elizabeth ΙΙ”. Please bring along any ideas you may have for floral decorations/planters etc to the next meeting. The plan is to portray events of different decades around the village.

    Paige's £200 Donation from the Plough:
    A decision must be made concerning the type of planters we wish to buy with the generous £200 donation from Paige at The Plough.
    Planters from Cherry Lane will be considered and Julie will bring more information about these to the next meeting. The next decision
    is where to site the planters.
    Rod Leech has offered a large metal bench seat to the village. It was agreed to put this at the back of the pond. Keith will organise moving this and securing it in position. Keith has offered to lay a concrete base for the new shed behind the village hall.
    Work will commence on this when weather (and time!)permits. The next quiz night will take place on Monday March 14th.
    Green bins need to be registered for collection by the end of February and will cost £42 per annum to empty. It was agreed that Denis and Angie C definitely need the green bin so this will be paid for out of funds.
    Ken reported we have enough sleeper wood to use for new planters or to mend the old ones. (Shirley to telephone Belle Coaches to confirm they have paid for the broken planter by the pond).
    Tyres to be repainted.
    Ali will contact Brian Thornton to get another certificate printed for the pre-school group for their efforts last year.
    Denis and Ken will liaise with Graham to organise painting of yellow sunrise gate. Angie C requested
    Ali’s appointment as chairman be advertised on the notice boards.Julie will check
    with Spinney Farm about getting more barley straw bales. Angie C will cost up the price of leaf blowers.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.50pm. The next meeting will be on Monday 8th February at 7.30pm in the village hall.
    Wednesday January 13th Millennium Green work party 10am
    Parachuting Teddies 11 and 12th June
    Queen's 90th celebration picnic on the green Saturday 18th (reserve date Sunday 19th)
    Open Gardens weekend 2nd and 3rd July

    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on December 7th 2015

    Those present were: Graham Wade (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Alison Shelton, Chris and Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck and Barbara Shaw

    Approval of Minutes: Read and signed as a true record of last month's meeting.

    Apologies:Received from Julie, Pam & Neil Case and Geraldine.

    Treasurer's Report:: In Julie's absence, Angie C stood in as Treasurer and reported a healthy balance of £1667.53 with £100 still to come from Belle coaches. Graham said the Hopton Pharmacy is still interested in sponsoring some planters and will be contributing £500.

    We were delighted to hear that, as a result of RHS survey being completed following the Anglia in Bloom competition, we have won tickets to attend a flower show at Hampton Court or Tatton Park. Julie and Shirley are having 2 of the tickets and there will be a draw to decide who else goes.


    These were confirmed for 2016 as

    Jan 4th,
    Feb 8th,
    Mar 7th,
    Apr11th, May 9th,
    Jun 13th,
    July 4th

    Aug  8th,
    Sept 5th,
    Oct 10th,
    Nov 14th
    and Dec 6th.
    Please note these are not all Mondays.

    The annual church service for clubs and societies in the village will be held on Monday 20th December at 7pm. Julie Hetherington has elected to do a reading on behalf of BiB. Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

    A review of the work carried out so far is very favourable and the area looks much improved. There have been many compliments on this.
    Further work may be carried out next year to lop branches off the tree on the green space by the alley and to create the bug hotel.
    There have been complaints about the holly hedge growing along the pathway to the pond and Suffolk County Council is aware of this and
    awaiting a work order to remove it!There is a TPO on this so we are not allowed to do the work. Angie C volunteered to telephone again
    and chase this up.

    Plants have been ordered for next year and are mostly on a theme of red, white and blue in keeping with planned ideas for celebrating the
    Queen's 90th birthday. Suggestions for a street party or tea party on the Millennium Green were also put forward but we will wait until after
    Christmas to begin putting plans in place.

    It was agreed to concentrate our efforts on the Millennium Green for our next clear up project and, to this end, a work party will meet on
    Wed 13th Jan at 10am. Please bring the usual tools and paraphernalia you think we might need! Denis, Ken, Andy & Graham will begin work on the sunrise gate.


    Plans seem to be fairly well in place for Saturday 12th.Some items will be taken down on Thursday at 5.30pm and left in the committee room. It was agreed to meet on Wednesday 9th to sweep the area in front of the hall.

    Prices for food and drink were discussed and agreed on £1 for all items.
    All hands on deck, please, to get a bit of prep done on Friday night at 10pm and any time from 8.30am onwards on the Saturday morning. All help gratefully received!!!

    The committee wish to record a vote of thanks for the hard work Julie Hetherington has put in to making 6 bird tables, the profits from
    which will go into BiB funds. THANK YOU JULIE! One of these will be up for tender at the Fayre while the others have already been sold.

    It was agreed to have a short meeting on Thursday 17th Dec in the pool room at the pub to discuss how well the fayre went as there will not be a full meeting now until February. Hope to see you all there.

    Ken mentioned the new sleepers but there is no decision yet as to wherethey will be sited. Some discussion was had about the duck pond and floating island but this has been left open until next year.








    of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on Monday 12th October 2015 AGM

    Those present were: Graham Wade (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Alison Shelton, Chris & Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Geraldine Bailey, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck, John Nichols & Barbara Shaw.
    Apologies were received from Matt Farrants, Neil and Pam Case and Helen Brown.
    of Minutes: Minutes of the last meeting were signed as a true record of the meeting.

    Treasurer's Report:: The Treasurer reported a healthy balance of £2,360.74. £258.16 was raised at the last quiz (Thank you to Ken for organising this). £200 was donated by Paige at The Plough from the proceeds of the recent pub
    bicycle ride; flowers and a thank you card have been sent to her.

    At present, we are awaiting a donation of £500 from Hopton Pharmacy for 4 planters which they want to sponsor.

    Election of Officers for the next year:
    Graham Wade was nominated and seconded as Chairman Alison Shelton was nominated and seconded as Vice ChairmanShirley Tuck was nominated and seconded as Secretary Julie Hetherington was nominated and seconded as Treasurer.

    Winter Planting Programme:

    The pansies will be delivered to Graham's on Tuesday 13th Oct and Ali will sort them accordingly ready for collection. It was noted that some of the summer beds are still doing quite well but if members want to take the plants up and pot them, they can be taken to Graham's and then on to Spinney Farm and over-wintered in the poly tunnel.

    Responsibilities for planting pansies:

    Angie T village sign 160
    Ken & Chris village hall 160
    Ali boat 60
    Andrew Lound Road 80
    Ali The Street/Meadowlands 150
    Graham Lound Rd corner 100
    Angie T School 48
    Maggie Orchard Rd 48
    Angie C New boat & Hall Lane 100
    Doris C Queensway 40
    Denis and Shirley will use any extra plants to fill in at the Millennium Green, postbox and Hall Lane by the play park.
    Compost will also be available at Graham's.

    The recent damage to the planter by the pond was discussed. Belle Coaches have agreed to pay for the damage and Ken will investigate the cost of a new planter but, at present, the siting of this has not been decided. Future plans for this area will involve placing a seat by the pond and moving the boat nearer the corner. The sunrise gate which shows the BiB logo will also be placed near the corner but needs some work done on it beforehand.

    There are also broken planters at Lound Rd, Flixton. Decking to support and surround this is one option.
    Updateon Working Party:

    The working party was very successful and made a good start to clearing the area at thebottom of Barkis Meadow. This will be completed when the foliage drops. However, there has been a complaint that wood and debris hasbeen left there in the wake of this clear up. Paul Button will collect this as soon as he is free. A notice will be put up toexplain to villagers that this is a work in progress and will betidied in due course.

    A Thank You card will be sent to Diane and Ray Shilling to thank them for their helpin keeping this area manicured and to express our appreciation.

    Following Judges' Comments:

    Millennium Green wildflower area will be turned over and we may try different varieties of seeds next year. This area has certainly improved and developed this year already. Graham suggested we organise an evening when a specialist could be invited to talk to us about future development of the wildflower area.
    verges need to be cut and tidied where possible. This is happening in some places.It was suggested an information board be placed near the meadow to explain what we are trying to achieve here.the judges suggested that there is more information about the mill and the
    church; however, the mill is a private house and there is already information at the church. more involvement with the school is a bit of a sticking point as this has been tried many times but support is not always forthcoming try and get more involvement with the local press.
    offer more information about the village as a whole. We will include a short résumé at the beginning of the portfolio next year

    Pond Working Party:

    This will take place on Thursday 15th October and all are welcome to come and assist. It was suggested that a new water sample be sent to Anglian Water and the Environmental Agency to test the quality and then it could be restocked. No restrictions (within reason!!) are placed on the stock as long as it is not used for commercial fishing.
    Barley straw will be placed in the pond and possibly a raft made to float in the middle. Keith agreed to collect this from Spinney Farm.
    Christmas Fayre:this needs to be well advertised by the end of November. a preliminary
    advert will be in next month's Hexagon and a more detailed one ithe December edition flyers will be placed around the area and a mail drop will also be done Various stalls and attractions were discussed but will be dealt with in greater detail at the next meeting

    it was agreed that the organisation of the hall might be changed to accommodate children's crafts on the stage the tombola will become a general raffle

    Julie suggested we create a welcome pack for newcomers to the village outlining the clubs, societies and facilities available. A list of
    these was created and will be printed up.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.55pm. The next meeting will be on November 9th.


     At a meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee held on Monday  September 28th there were present, Mr Wade, Mrs Soanes,  Mrs Shelton, Mrs  Mayes (WI) Mrs  Dyer and Mrs Clark(pre school) Mr Hanson  (Scouts)

    Apologies  Mrs Edwards (Sunshine Club)   

    The Minutes of the previous meeting, Monday July 7th 2015,were approved and signed.

    Matters arising from minutes  

    The new artificial grass area at the back of the hall for Pre school is in place and looks very nice..

    Any other business.

     A Christmas play was discussed but it was felt that there would not be enough support for the work needed to put on the play and people would have other commitments.

    There are items left on the stage at weekends, if there is a party in the hall these will be put away . The wall at the back of the stage needs repairing – quotes to be obtained for the next meeting.

    An addition to the conditions of hire was discussed - if a booking is cancelled,there will be a non refundable deposit paid.

    WI said it was difficult locking the gates in bad weather, but the police have requested the gates to be locked to stop vehicle access at night.

    Pre School asked if they could have non permanent notice boards in the hall to display the childrens pictures, prices and designs are to be discussed at the next meeting but the committee did not object to the idea. Pre school also said that for 2017 Ofsted have requested that they can offer pupils 30 hours a week. This would not be possible as the hall is let out Monday and Wednesday afternoon on a permanent basis, this may mean that pre school have to look for another venue. They also mentioned that there were a number of very sharp knives in the cutlery drawer in the kitchen, they are to be placed in a child safe receptacle in the future.

    The next meeting is November 23rd 2015.

    Having no further business the meeting closed at 7.15 pm. Mr Wade thanked all who attended.

    Minutes of Blundeston in Bloom September 7th

    Those Present: Graham Wade, Julie Hetherington, Alison Shelton, Angie Cooper, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Barbara Shaw, Matt Farrants, Neil Case.
    Apologies: Denis and Shirley Tuck, Pam Case, Geraldine Bailey, Chris & Ken Ward

    Approval Of Minutes: Signed by Graham Wade.
    Treasurers Report: Balance of £1960.74
    Item 4 – on Agenda/John Nichols correspondence.:
    This has been dealt with by Alison Shelton speaking to Ray and Diane (Barkis Meadow) who have no
    problem with the scale of work proposed at the end of Barkis Meadow. The working party planned for 10th
    September will therefore go ahead as planned.

    Item 5 – on Agenda :
    Planned working party for 10th September to go ahead as scheduled , to commence at 10am. AC advised
    that Carl Herrington from Suffolk Wildlife Trust has kindly agreed to provide advice on what is required to
    improve the pond appearance and encourage wildlife. He will meet us on the 10thSeptember at 10am.

    Item 7 – on Agenda :
    AC advised that together with ST Holly Garden Nursery has been visited a few times and discussed with Mr
    Jermy the potential for Blundeston villagers to take on allotments. Mr Jermy is content to provide
    allotments at a cost of £1.00 per annum. To date we have had (5) local people who have expressed an
    interest, however due to the restrictive hours at the allotments (2) people have dropped out as they work
    full time and did not feel the restrictive hours of 8-4pm could be managed. Mr Jermy regretted the
    restrictive hours but confirmed he has experienced some theft in the past when he gave open access all day.
    AC showed the Tenancy Agreement to GW, who suggested we should run this by Mr Jermy before
    proceeding any further. In particular item 15 on the Tenancy Agreement to be agreed by Mr Jermy. AC/ST to

    Item 8 – on Agenda:
    Quiz night confirmed for 28thSeptember. Arrangements have been confirmed for Village Hall and KW has
    distributed posters around the village. AS confirmed “John” from Plough to be quiz master. KW to collect
    entry fee. CW & AS to sell raffle tickets. AS to organise refreshments. Committee members reminded that
    prizes for the raffle are required.

    Item 9 –:
    Christmas Fayre confirmed for 12thDecember. AS requested that we advertise the fayre in the Lowestoft
    Bugle. AS to action. ST to order another game for the event. JH asked for ideas for the Fayre and to ensure
    craft stalls are reviewed and agreed prior to the event. AC suggested ST and AC to monitor. AS suggested
    that the raffle prizes for the Christmas Fayre should be reduced this year as it was felt there were too many
    last year. Donations for the Tombola and Bric and Brac were requested. GW advised that GB would like
    some assistance this year to run the Tombola.
    Item 10 : AGM set for 12thOctober. BS to advertise AGM in the Hexagon.
    AS advised she had investigated the costs for new sheds/containers as identified under “New Storage Units”
    in 8thAugust minutes. The costs were prohibitive an 8’x7’ estimate was £975. This it was felt was too
    expensive. AS advised that JH had been offered a metal shed donation and a walk in freezer. BiB were happy
    to accept this offer and use them for storage behind the village hall.
    AC advised under “Community Trips” in the minutes of 8thAugust she had contacted Grebe Coaches to
    obtain quotes. Unfortunately they required specific information i.e., size of coach, how many hours, etc. AC
    suggested BiB place this on hold until early in 2016 when we can investigate further.

    Meeting closed at 8.30pm.
    Next meeting 12thOctober (AGM)

     Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on 8 th August 2015

    Those present were: Graham Wade (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Alison Shelton, Ken Ward, Angie Cooper, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck, Barbara Shaw, Matt Farrants.
    Apologies: were received from Helen Brown, Neil & Pam Case and Chris Ward.
    Approval of Minutes: These were read and signed as a true record of the previous meeting by G Wade.
    Treasurer's Report:: The treasurer reported a donation of £50 and a healthy balance of £2069.65 in the BiB bank account.

    Correspondence: We have received 2 crime numbers in relation to the recent damage of planters and the turf being churned up on Hall Lane. Denis has kindly repaired and replaced the turf.
    Working Party to Clear Market Lane Pond:
    • a working party is planned for Thursday October 15th at 10am to clear and tidy the area around the pond on Market Lane. This is part of our proactive planning which will satisfy the B1 category on the portfolio (Conservation and Biodiversity). 10 members volunteered
    to come along and help. Please bring any equipment you think will be needed. Matt agreed to take photographs for our pictorial record for next year. Barbara will mention the clear up in the Hexagon to encourage other villagers to come along and help. Julie will try to source
    barley straw to place in the pond.
    • it was suggested that a bog planter be created by the pond next year to discourage the ducks from eating the plants in the present one and to deter them from using it as a bed for their afternoon siestas!!
    • cages which can be submerged in the pond to hold straw/plants were also suggested.
    • the present upturned boat may be moved further along the road and new seating (e.g. a plain bench) be placed by the pond to encourage people to sit there.

    Proactive Planning:
    • other areas for clearing were put forward and a date will be discussed for clearing the pond area and paths at Millennium Green at the next meeting. This depends on how much progress is made on Oct 15th and whether more work will be needed there. 2016 Theme:
    • it was decided to link next year's theme to the Queen's 90th birthday and consider a
    representation of memorable events which have taken place during her reign.
    • the theme will include red, white and blue plants
    • it was suggested that villagers could be invited to sponsor a planter, possibly with a personal message attached. They would not need to tend the planter personally.
    • Hopton Pharmacy will donate £500 towards planters and has indicated which particular ones will be linked to their name
    Winter Planting:
    • it was agreed that the present planters will be cleared at the end of the season and replaced with pansies for the autumn/winter. Graham will order these.
    New storage unit:
    • Ken suggested we explore the cost of a new storage unit which is solely used for BiB as it is becoming increasingly more difficult sharing with the preschool. Suggestions with prices would be appreciated!
    New Planters for 2016:
    • Graham has a water tank which could be used as a bog planter by the pond. He will need help to move this but it “should” be put in place on the 15th Oct when the work party takes place.
    • any volunteers who want to join a “walkabout” on Thursday 20th September to discuss future  ideas for planters, please meet at the green area at the end of Barkis Meadow at 10 am. We need to decide what will be done to improve this particular area.
    • allotments are available to any villager at the rear of Holly Gardens. The law states this is a legal requirement but some people may not be aware that this is the case even though it is advertised in the Hexagon magazine. Villagers may need to be made aware through
    advertising on the village notice boards.
    Community Trips:
    • some members had considered the idea of day trips out to local places of interests to view gardens and plants. This would be a proactive plan for including the community and would satisfy C3 in the portfolio, Community Involvement. Angie C will investigate the price of
    transport and, if not too prohibitive, this idea may be put into practice next year.
    • Ken reminded us that the next quiz date is Monday 28th September, 7.30 at the Village Hall. £5 per table and a donation for refreshments. BiB members are asked to contribute a raffle prize, please.
    • Julie will organise the printing for advertising this event.
    • Maggie and Susan will do the refreshments.
    • Ali will arrange prizes for the quiz winners
    • Shirley will send a letter to Dennis at Autumn Cottage to thank him for watering the plants by the village sign this year. In the event that he is unable to continue to do this at any time, he will be asked to contact either Ken or Angie T.
    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.05pm.
    The next meeting will be held on Monday September 7th


    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on July 8th 2015

    Those present were: Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Alison Shelton, Chris & Ken
    Ward, Angie Cooper, Geraldine Bailey, Keith Blowers, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Pam &
    Neil Case, Matt Farrants, Barbara Shaw & Denis Tuck
    Apologies: Graham Wade

    Approval of Minutes : these were approved and signed by Alison Shelton in Graham Wade's absence.
    Treasurer's Report: Following the success of the Open Gardens weekend, the Treasurer reported a very
    healthy balance of £2,338.84

    Brief Review of Open Gardens:
    • the refreshments at the Village Hall need to be marketed better next year to try and attract visitors to buy
    their refreshments there. Perhaps bring the tables to the other end of the hall and use tablecloths and
    flowers etc
    • it was agreed not to ask visitors for proof of payment and invite them in on trust
    • everyone agreed the Alice theme had been a great success so we will repeat the idea of using a theme in 2016
    • the advertising had been very successful and this will be extended next year, possibly using social media
    (Facebook). Keith kindly offered to sponsor a long, vinyl banner which will be erected on scaffolding in
    the field by Market Lane
    • improve the invitation fliers next year to get more participants but stressing it is a fun weekend and does
    not require everyone's gardens to be like Chelsea flower show!!
    • try and involve other members of the community to assist residents who would appreciate help in
    preparation and on opening days
    • all agreed that the maps were well presented and easy to follow
    Judging by Anglia in Bloom 8 th July:
    • Ali and Ken will accompany the judges along the route
    • as many volunteers as possible, please, to assist in clearing the area around the village hall on the Tuesday before
    • Paige will lay on a buffet for the judges and committee after the walk round
    • Shirley has contacted Waveney Norse who have agreed to come and cut the grass on the 7th
    • areas have been allocated for litter picking
    • Shirley & Denis will put the Alice in Wonderland effects around the village on the morning of judging in
    case of any vandalism beforehand
    Ideas and Planning for 2016:
    • Beatrix Potter or Roald Dahl were put forward as a theme but Pam suggested a general theme of
    children’s stories and it was agreed that this would give us plenty of scope for colour, planting and any art
    work. This will be discussed in greater depth at the next meeting
    • new planters will be bought next year and the remaining tyres may be re sited (possibly Orchard Lane). It
    was agreed that we will investigate Amberol planters as well. Ken will speak to Del Wells at some point
    as to whether his company could make a cascading planter similar to those in O Broad but this will
    depend on cost
    Proactive Planning for 2016:
    • involve the younger children by giving them pre-cut patterns to paint in accordance with whatever theme is chosen
    • have a wallflower competition for the youngsters in Blundeston (ie we provide the sunflower seed)
    • welcome to Matt Farrants who has already “volunteered” to oversee the photo diary of the year's horticultural events

    AOB: The next Quiz night will be held on Monday September 28th at the hall. Teams of 4 as usual

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9o'clock. The next meeting will be on Monday 10th August at   7.30pm




    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on  June 13th 2016


     Those present were: Alison Shelton  (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Graham Wade, Chris & Ken Ward,  Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Andrew Jenner, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck,   Pam & Neil Case

    Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed a true account.

    Treasurer's Report::  £1966.02  in the bank account with £43.44 in petty cash.

    Apologies:  Angela Cooper, David Mann

     Ali reported that  Angela Cooper had decided to step down due to too many other commitments.


    The picnic was hailed as a resounding success. Those who attended were very complimentary about the event and many requested it be
    repeated next year. All activities were very successful particularly the sumo suits.

     Points to consider for another picnic were

    approach a different company for bouncy castle  hire which could be cheaper
    consider inviting the Hawk & Owl trust and the Petting Zoo (both of these are free organisations and rely on donations)
    consider best availability for toilets.....open  hall on request or hire portaloos?
    consider a PA system and music
    ensure all activities are manned constantly

    Expenditure for the picnic from BiB was £291.27 but with the  locality budget of £300 and donations from villagers, minimal outlay was

    Shirley will send out thank you letters to villagers who helped in making the event so successful.




    Approx 12 gardens have agreed to open on the weekend of 9-10th July. Bob Coutts has agreed to judge the best
    garden competition.

    Fliers are printed and ready to deliver

    Ken & Chris:                  Hall Road & Lane, Poun    Lane, Market Lane, Micawber and Pickwick

    Shirley & Denis               The Street, Short Road and Wickfield
    Angie :                           Church Road and  Dickens Court

    Maggie:                          Orchard Road &  Close & The Pippins

    David:                             Lound Road

    Joyce (Maggie's friend!) Flixton

    Ali:                                  Barkis Meadow & Meadowlands

    Neil & Pam:                    Lakeside

    Shirley will e mail Keith re the banner for the  A12

    Denis and Ken will organise the advertising boards to be put out on the 4th July

    Ali & Ken will deliver the sunflower signs on 8th

    £3 per head as last year was agreed with children going free
    Pam & Maggie will serve refreshments at £1 in the hall
    Julie will sell plants at the hall a tidy up around the village hall area will take  place on Friday 8th 2pm onwards. Please bring brushes etc


    Denis has donated a strimmer for general use to be kept in the new shed
    consider using funds to purchase a wheelbarrow,
    water pump to use at the haywain, gardening tools for BiB members to use (this will be decided after we have received the final bill for this year's plants)
    Denis to plant additional cineraria in the  haywain
    he “Decades” boards will replace those on the  fence around the hall. Ken will varnish and mount these.

     There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 8.30pm. The next meeting is on Monday 4th July at 7.30pm



    Apologies : received from Neil & Pam Case.
    Treasurer's Report: £115 has been paid out to cover materials for the new shed. £2386.33
    with £72.17 cash in hand.
    Despite elections of officers being on the agenda, Alison decided to carry this over to the
    next meeting.
    QUIZ NIGHT: the next quiz night will be held on Monday 12th September. Ian
    Hetherington will act as quiz master. Susan and Maggie will oversee refreshments.
    Julie and Chris will organise raffle tickets....please offer a raffle prize on the evening (or
    donate beforehand if you are unable to attend).
    NEW SHED: This has been clad and is ready to be painted. Expandable foam to be injected
    around the base. JH to source shelving for the interior. Otherwise ST to purchase plastic
    interlocking unit from B and Q.
    ST will send a thank you card to Andrew Jenner to thank him for his work and contribution
    on this project.
    The other metal shed used by the preschool is due to be removed.
    HANGING BASKET: Julie, Alison and Graham have decided they will organise the
    concrete plinth for the hanging basket. A work party has been organised for Wednesday 14th
    September at 10am. Look at Amberol self-watering containers.
    • Graham does not consider the previous winter planting to have been successful so this will
    not go ahead this year and we will concentrate on Spring planting instead. It was suggested
    manure is mixed into the contents of the present planters when empty
    • consider new concrete planters like the ones at St Olaves (circular drainage pipes).
    Suggestions that they could be sited at Lakeside and preschool might be asked to look after
    them..... to be considered
    • AiB may go ahead next year despite the state of the pond. We will concentrate on another
    focal point
    • Tim Bean has kindly taken on the watering and care of the planters at the end of Barkis
    • the table top sale will take place at The Plough on 11th September (11-4) with proceeds
    going towards BiB. Members will help run a “table” to promote BiB and be present there.
    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8pm. Next meeting is on 10th October.


    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston I n Bloom held on October 10 th 2016
    Those present were: Alison Shelton (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Julie Hetherington
    (Treasurer), Graham Wade, Ken Ward, Margaret Boyce, Angela Teasdale, Denis Tuck, Neil Case,
    and David Mann
    Approval of Minutes: Theses were read and approved.
    Treasurer's Report:: The Treasurer reported a total in the bank of £2,673.35.
    £85 was received from the profits at The Plough, thanks again to Paige.
    £177.83 was raised at the quiz.
    Petty cash.... £37.02
    Apologies: received from Chris Ward, Geraldine Bailey, Jennie Sellen and Pam Case.
    Election of Officers:
    Julie Hetherington was elected Treasurer for the forthcoming year (proposed by Neil Case and
    seconded by Ken Ward).
    Shirley Tuck was elected as Secretary for the forthcoming year (proposed by Julie Hetherington and
    seconded by Angela Teasdale).
    Alison Shelton was elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year (proposed by Denis Tuck and
    seconded by Angela Teasdale).
    Consequently, there has been no change in officers. Ken Ward proposed a vote of thanks for their
    JH proposed we have a vice chairman to assist. DT proposed Graham Wade and this was seconded
    by Ken Ward.
    Paige will do the printing of fliers. Advertising boards will be displayed week before.
    Maggie, Joyce +A N Other to run refreshments.
    Need volunteers to run:
    • human fruit machine
    • roll 10p
    • spin the wheel
    • coloured nails
    • disc drop
    • guess the name of the snowman
    • straws game
    • (Snowball toss?)
    No children's crafts on stage this year but we will sell ready made bags of reindeer food. Need to
    organise an afternoon when these can be made up....village hall?
    JH will organise the colouring comp for the children this year.....1st prize only will be awarded.
    Raffle.....need to start sourcing prizes....please ask any businesses, shops etc to donate now.
    Other stalls: Jennie, Carol Longford, Carly Perks, Barbara, Tiny Tipple + others if room available.
    JH has offered to make peppermint creams to sell.
    GW will ask Geraldine if she wants to run a tombola this year.
    If anyone knows of a volunteer who is prepared to help on the day then all offers gratefully
    accepted....HELP! We may be short of helpers this year.
    An extra meeting will be held on Tuesday 8 th Nov at the Plough to plan this event.
    This year's planters can be emptied when they look past their best but retain the lysimachia.
    Someone from Lound has asked if she can take some to try and over winter them for herself.
    GW will order begonias, geraniums and cineraria for next year.
    When the planters are emptied, manure will be turned in with the contents...GW has plenty!!
    New planters were reviewed and prices for cascading and concrete planters considered. JH to
    follow these up. These will be sited near the village hall and the old sleepers will be used to increase
    the height of the ones by the village sign.
    Maggie has requested a new planter near her house.
    The boards outside the hall have served their purpose and are looking a bit jaded now so KW and
    DT will remove these.
    GW will speak to Paul Button about spraying the docks. Next year this area will be allowed to grass
    over and paths will be cut instead.
    Any Other Business:
    • Rod Leech is still keen for us to have the garden seat and it was agreed to site this on the
    Millennium Green but moving it could be a task.... need to find a way of transporting it. GW
    will have a look at it.
    • David Mann suggested donating a Christmas tree from BiB to the Plough this year as a
    thank you for all the work Paige does for us.
    • The shed needs waterproofing...DT, GW and KW to meet on Monday 17th Oct to have a
    look at this. 10am
    • Anglia in Bloom: AS and GW will ask Brian Thornton for advice about developing the area
    behind the chip shop if we are to go ahead and enter the comp next year
    • JH DT and ST will represent BiB in the village quiz on Monday 7th November
    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.40pm. An interim meeting will be held at
    the Plough on Nov 8th. The next meeting at the village hall will be Monday Nov 14th


    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston I n Bloom held on November 14 th 2016
    Those present were: Alison Shelton (Chairman), Shirley Tuck (secretary), Chris & Ken Ward,
    Margaret Boyce,Angela Teasdale, Jennie Sellen, Denis Tuck, Pam Case, David Mann and Paige Brooks.
    Approval of Minutes: approved by the chairman
    Treasurer's Report:: £2546.58 in the bank and £27.02 in petty cash.
    Apologies: received from Julie Hetherington, Graham Wade and John Nichols.
    2017 Plants: These have been ordered from Burgh Castle nursery for next year (1000 geraniums, cineraria and begonias)
    DATES: dates for next year's meetings at the hall (or Plough) have been entered into the diary. Proposed events such as quiz nights and Picnic in the Park are yet to be confirmed. Open gardens will probably be on 8-9th July. It was suggestedwe trial a “Quiz and chip night” and this will be discussed further and a date set after Christmas.
    volunteers for the stalls (subject to change!!)
    • human fruit machine: Chris Ward, Angie & Rachael Teasdale, Graham Wade..... can swap and change as only 3 needed.(AT will organise boxes and fruit)
    • reindeer food :Amelia Jordan +1,  • Disc Drop, Spin the Wheel,Nails and Roll 10p: Denis and Ken,
    • Guess My Name and Straws: Shirley,• Tombola: Geraldine,
    • Refreshments: Maggie, Joyce and Susan, • Raffle: Alison Begley (11-1pm) and Pam 1-2.30pm.
    • Fiona to run pony rides
    • Float person (A N Other) to oversee “How many sweets in the jar?” JH to purchase sweets and organise this event.
    Hopefully there will be extra hands around to relieve others or generally float (Alison has offered to do this).
    A floor plan has been organised and will be labelled on the day. We will meet at 10pm on the Friday night to set tables out and begin at 9ish on the Saturday 10th. (Ali will organise a BiB box of accessories....sellotape, BluTac, marker pens etc).
    GW and JH are baking sausage rolls...ST to contact Tesco for a price on 50 mince pies.
    ST to contact Sally Ann and Neil about selling wreaths and trees outside the hall on the day.
    THANK YOU'S : Letters will be sent to the organisations who offered prizes for the Fayre. A letter of thanks will also be sent to Keith Blowers for his kind donation of a banner advertising the event on the day. A letter of thanks will also be sent to Dennis and Sue at Autumn Cottage for their assistance in looking after the green by the village sign and Tim and Pam Bean for looking after the planters on Barkis Meadow.
    Any Other Business:
    • A vote on entering Anglia in Bloom was taken and we decided to leave it for 2017 as there are
    certain parts of the village which still need attention and areas which BiB have not dealt with
    according to the judges' advice. These need to be acted upon next year.
    • ST will post a general update to inform villagers of the work and successes of Blundeston in Bloom this year.
    • The shed now has a shelving unit inside and there are plans to buy and build our own stock of gardening tools over the months (donations welcome!). Keith is going to make this water tight.
    • Please wear high viz gilets when carrying out BiB tasks around the village as these were sponsored and provide.
    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9pm. The next meeting for the final push on the  Christmas Fayre will be on Monday 6th December in the Plough at 7.30pm     

    Minutes of The Committee Meeting of Blundeston In Bloom held on 7th
    February 2017


    Those present were:  Alison
    Shelton (Chairman), Julie Hetherington (Treasurer), Graham Wade, Ken & Chris Ward, Margaret Boyce and Neil Case.


    Apologies:  Shirley & Dennis
    Tuck, Geraldine Bailey, Angela
    Teasdale, Jennie Sellen, David Mann and Pam Case.


    Treasurer's Report:  The Treasurer

    Total balance of £2,973.35

    cash £41.18

    profit £242.09.

    Julie has now resigned as Treasurer due to other commitments and Chris
    Ward has agreed to take on this role.

    paperwork will in future be kept in the Village Hall Committee Room.

    proposed a vote of thanks for Julie.


    Removal of Village Hall Planters (Sleepers)/Replacement Concrete Planters:  It was agreed that a working party for the
    removal will meet at 10 am on Wednesday 22 February.

    will liaise with the concrete planter providers and aim for delivery on 1 March
    for them to be put in situ outside the Hall and also at the end of The Pippins
    to replace the planter that is looked after by Margaret Boyce.


    The Boat:  Ken Ward and Mark Baller have replaced the 2
    wooden supports with new ones and it is now ready to be returned to the pond
    area.  Graham, Ken, Neil and Mark will
    meet at 10 am on Sunday 12 February to do this.


    Hanging Baskets: 
    3 of these will be ordered.


    Upcoming Events:


    in the Park - Sunday 11 June.

    Gardens - the weekend of 8/9 July.

    - Monday 10 April and Monday 18 September (refreshment provision may be changed
    - to be discussed further)

    Fayre - Saturday 9 December.


    will arrange to have these dates put in the Hexagon.


    Any Other Business:

     Julie will make
    enquiries from various printers for future flyers/posters.

     Suggested that flyers
    be done asking for help with working parties (without the need for attending
    meetings). Anyone interested to give their contact details to a Committee

     Ken will tidy up the
    planter near the Prison site as it is quite overgrown.


    There being no other business, the
    meeting closed at 8.40 pm.


    meetings: Monday 6th March and
    Tuesday 4th April.